Josh Friedman / Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur, reshaper, transformer, builder of companies, climber of mountains, troublemaker, dog lover and currently planning a wedding.

Josh brings almost twenty years as a technology entrepreneur, having founded, led and revived numerous companies. Most recently, he reshaped Gigapan, a hardware focused business, into one with software and a hosted platform at its core. Prior, he spent two years transforming Rumblefish, a music licensing company, and accelerated it to become a technology-driven industry leader. Friedman created a 10x return to shareholders during his tenure alone, with the company selling in late 2013 for over $27M. In 2009, Josh cofounded NedSpace, a coworking facility for entrepreneurs and startups. He quickly grew the company and extended its reach to alter the City of Portland's first economic development strategy in 15 years, and created what is now called the Portland Seed Fund. In 2001, Josh cofounded Eleven, a SaaS company that enables hotels to offer revenue-generating guest services on any internet-enabled device. As CEO, he led the company from inception to raising its only angel/VC investment round, and brought the company to multi-millions in revenue. He remains on the Board of Directors and is actively involved in the 50-person company. He was the recipient of the Portland Business Journal's 40 Under 40 award in 2004 and 2010. Aside from helping entrepreneurs grow their companies, you might find him with his fiancée, rock climbing, skiing, cycling, reading, brewing beer or generally causing trouble with his dog, Ace.